Filming Streets

About Us

Cutting Edge is a group formed of college students of different backgrounds and subjects all working together to help reduce the amount of knife crime present on the streets. 

Formed through Digital Innovators, we were exposed to the opportunity to work on this project, and brought together for the sake of improving the local circumstances relating to knife crime.

We seek to improve the situation by providing helpful advice and information through blog and video content, shining an honest light on current circumstances while providing a hopeful outlook for any visitors.

We are an anti-knife group for youths, by youths and our goal is to make the streets a little safer for all those who walk them.


The Team

Eve Harding

"I am an 18-year-old student at college. I started the project with an aim to offer more support to youths who are being affected by knife crime. I believe that for many young people finding advice and information is difficult which is why I believe this platform is so important. As the project manager and content producer I hope that this website will only evolve with contributions from our community to make a change."