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Amnesty Bin Locations and Information

Testament Church of God, George Street West, Birmingham, UK

Ghamkol Sharif, Golden Hillock Road, Birmingham, UK

ALDI, 273, Stratford Road, Birmingham, UK

hydraPower dynamics Ltd. St. Mark Street, Birmingham, England B1 2UN

FAQ related to knife bins

What happens to the knives found in the bins?

The bins are emptied often and the knives that are found in them are inspected to see if any are related to a crime meaning that by binning a knife you may have found on the street, you're potentially helping to catch criminals.

Should I bin my old kitchen knives?

If you're throwing away old knives for any reason then the best way to do so is by wrapping it in some newspaper and then putting them into a amnesty knife bin, this can prevent it from being used for malicious reasons.

What exactly are amnesty knife bins?

An Amnesty bin, or in our case a knife Amnesty bin is a secure unit with the purpose to collect knives just as the name suggests, they're there so that people who have found a knife or themselves brought a knife outside can dispose of it properly.