Information About Knife Crime

There are many laws around knives, but not everyone has taken time to look into them, many young people are unaware of the rules and regulations regarding carrying knives and knife crime. A couple notable examples are as such:

  • It is illegal for a minor to buy a knife and for a vendor to sell a knife to a minor. The only exception is with folding knives under 3 inches in length, which may be used for utility.

  • It is illegal to threaten someone with a knife and you may serve a minimum of six months in custody for doing so.

  • Certain knives are illegal regardless of age, usually entailing ones that can be used for extreme bodily harm.

What a lot of people don't realise is that you don't have to be the one holding the knife to be punished. If you knowingly allow a crime to take place, encourage or assist a crime then you may be labelled as an accomplice or accessory to the crime, resulting in you being charged for something you may not have done. Additionally, withholding information from the authorities may have you charged for obstruction of justice, meaning it's not always the 'snitches' that get 'stitches.'