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Cutting Edge is an anti-knife project handled by Solihull-based youths. Our goal is to not only bring awareness to the dangers and entrapment that knife culture brings, but also to discourage other youths from involving themselves in unruly crowds. This isn't an attempt to be relatable or to deceive, we are simply here to push to make our area a little more safe for everyone, especially those who are young and vulnerable. Our team is small and humble, but we will earnestly work to bring you informative and thought provoking content free from the shackles of a major establishment or company out for profits and gains. Each active team member has written a little about themselves that you can see here: Eve Harding (Project Lead & Producer) "I am an 18-year-old student at college. I started the project with an aim to offer more support to youths who are being affected by knife crime. I believe that for many young people finding advice and information is difficult which is why I believe this platform is so important. As the project manager and content producer I hope that this website will only evolve with contributions from our community to make a change." Renée Ahmed (Content Director)

"My name is Renée, and I am an 18-year-old Creative Media student aspiring to become a filmmaker/director. I joined the knife-crime project in 2020 as something to work on alongside my media course. I had always wanted to do something that allowed me to make an impact and so when this project was presented to me, I took it as an opportunity to contribute to making the West Midlands a safer place.

My role within the project is to plan, direct and create video and written content for the website and video channel. The videos I create are to give advice, allow people to share their stories and educate people on the topic of knife crime. I hope that by doing so, I can inform, support and protect people by offering them an alternative and help give them that first nod in the right direction." Yasin Zeb Khan (Lead Researcher) "My name is Yasin Zeb Khan, I am 17 and study IT Cybersecurity and networking in my second year of college. My role in the project is chief researcher and I research how knife crime is already being talked about, its presence in schools, what does not work and how we can present our project in the best way possible. I am a part of this project because I want to help other people my age if they are in trouble regarding knife crime and need support. I enjoy many things that other teenagers enjoy such as games, sports, TV and film, socialising and going out etc. as well as trying new exciting experiences and getting outside my comfort zone which is why I have enjoyed the project." Kyle Brewer (Contact Researcher) "I am a 16 year old computing student who joined this project alongside my course with the hope of spreading awareness and knowledge about knives and the dangers that follow them, I believe that with the help of my teammates we can help to steer the youth away from a future with knives. " Hannah Peckett (Contact Researcher) "I’m 16 years old and studying computing at college. I joined the project to help inform the youth more about knife crime because I feel like the youth don’t know all the impacts it can have on their lives. My part in the project was I helped design some of the website and I also researched about people/companies that also want to stop knife crime. I hope the website supports the youth and informs them more about knife crime." Dante Coley (Website Manager)

"I'm the site manager for this project, a 17 year old college first year doing ICT. As we all do, I hope to bring awareness to the catastrophic consequences of knives among youths, and I will support our goal to do this by maintaining this site to the best of my ability." In short: we hope that you place your trust in us for future, and make the right decision when it comes to knives and carrying them. Thank you for reading, and we look forward to bringing you insightful content that will have you thinking. - Cutting Edge

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