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Hi, my name is Dante, I'm 17 and I manage this site.

As the title says and as you might've already seen / read elsewhere, Hello! My name is Danté, I'm a college student in Solihull and I manage the website for the cutting edge project. This blog post exists to give a bit of exposition to me specifically as a member of the team, the how and why of my role. I won't bore you with a drawn out life story, so we'll just cut to the relevant information instead- in short, part of my college course involves a group called Digital Innovators, a company with the intent of giving students real working experience by having them work under a project for a real employer, pushing the possibility of potential future work prospects along with it. After a bit of back and forth with them taking some information of my skills, personality traits and etcetera, we found that I'd be fitting for a role such as this, on a project such as this. Don't get me wrong, they're not paying me, nor do they have my family hidden away somewhere- it's simply a side gig to sink your teeth into the real word for those so inclined. With this project in particular however, there is a strong emotional motivator that I'd imagine the whole team feels, as the trauma that knife crime can cause and its emotional effects can be felt even as a spectator. As such, in collaboration with the DI staff we now work to bring you informative, helpful and actually relevant content that might help people steer away from knives, carrying or the people that do. Though it's a very indirect means to the cause, I hope that my efforts in managing this site for you to see might help to keep someone off the streets, might help someone who could've been stabbed to live another day, and might help to create a safer Britain for everyone.

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